Are you part of a particularly tight crew right now?  Going through a wicked haul-out? An uprig or a down rig? Dreaming of a team t-shirt that everyone could walk away with wearing with pride...  give me a shout and perhaps we can get a custom design up on the site, just for you and your crew.

If you are from one of the lovely organizations that keeps a tall-ship alive and well and want to freshen up the T's your crew wear, drop me a line, and we can work something out.

Special requests?  Ideas?  Just want to chat?  Just drop me a line. 

P.S.  All designs are original and were painstakingly hand drawn.  Please don't steal/lift/borrow/whatever any of these designs without obtaining owner permission, otherwise, please thoroughly research the concept of keelhauling before digressing from this request.